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Attributions and Structure

The Chamber’s activities related to its prerogatives incumbent on the Treaty of Lisbon, especially Protocol 1 (art. 3 and art.10) and Protocol 2 (art.7) in the process of examination of the EU proposals, are set out by the Act on cooperation between the Parliament and the Government in the field of European affairs, as well as the Regulation of the Chamber of Deputies.

The European affairs are dealt with by all the Chamber’s committees in line with their fields of interest and specialized area of responsibilities, and by the European Affairs Committee.

According to the mentioned pieces of legislation, the EU Division provides the necessary expertise to all bodies of the Chamber involved in the process.

Through its Office for documentation, analysis, and parliamentary examination and the Centre for EU data base and IPEX, it provides all interested parties with professional expertise (i.e. background notes, documentation, syntheses, analyses, and studies) in the field of European Policies. The main recipients intended are the select Committees, and the European Affairs Committee of the Chamber, involved with either the scrutiny process of the EU acts taking place within the Chamber, or the domestic legislative procedure on the European directives to be implemented in the national legal framework, as well as the parliamentary delegations attending parliamentary events on EU matters. All in all, the EU Division offers support and information to the MP’s exercising their participatory rights in the parliamentary deliberations on EU matters.

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